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Microscope Based Systems    We find your solution

Systems for:

Forensic science fibres paints and glass

Bioscience imaging and microscopy systems

Vitrinite and coal analysis

SMCS offers microscope products and systems for forensic science world wide.

Microscope products for all applications

Microscope Spectrometers and Photometers and associated software, for measurement of light and colour via the microscope very exactly. We offer a full range of possibilities for research and routine applications.

Forensic science systems: Extremely popular, quality, micro-spectrometers (microspec) for fibres, paints and document analysis, smcs ONYX software offers fully integrated software for microscope spectrometers specific to forensic fibres.

Microscope Systems designed to your needs. With a wealth of knowledge and experience we can offer solutions to your micro-systems application. Please contact us to discuss your needs in more detail.

Training is offered in all areas of microscopy, from basic principles and operation of light microscopes to in depth user courses. Our expert trainers will attend site and work along with small or large groups to achieve the most efficient and cost effective results.

Service and repairs on optical microscopes and all our systems products and full world wide support – All products offered by smcs are fully supported, offering a range of service options from one off services to all inclusive contracts. We also offer Light Microscope service of all makes and models including repairs at excellent rates.

SMCS offer a wide range of quality solutions for Microscopy digital imaging systems through our sales partner Indigo Scientific including 3D and extended depth of focus imaging.

The all new MS3 Fibres Mapping System for Tapings: The MS3 scans in a taping creating and storing a spectral map. You may compare any or your recovered fibres against the map at any time in the future!
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SMCS Ltd has available many years experience in the hugely diverse field of microscope based systems. Maintaining close links at all times with our customers in forensic science,academia and science generally. Offering excellent service and support in all our product areas is of great importance to us. Within such highly specialised areas as Microscope Spectrometry and Photometry there are many applications fields allowing us to show the versatility of our approach to our customers and show our commitment to high quality, state of the art products in critical environments. Ensuring the highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness for users of microscopes and microscope based systems is essential in such a fast changing and cost sensitive world, SMCS responds to this challenge by offering microscopy training courses at all levels and microscope user training on many different types and makes of microscopes. First rate microscope technical support and microscope servicing is also available from us on many types of light microscope and microscope based systems.

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