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Global Forensic Science Today Magazine

The way forward for all forensic scientists ....

This highly popular publication is purely web based and boasts a truly global readership. Our contributors also come from many different countries giving the publication an open and exciting new feel. A forensic science professional or just interested in how it’s done Forensic science is a hugely fascinating science. Global Forensic Science Today publishes ideas and results from scientists working in the field. The aim is to inform others and share as well as to interest our readers. Forensic Science publications can often be difficult to read and can also be difficult to publish your article, GFST has none of these issues and anyone is free to publish their work or ideas. GFST has up to date interesting information on real life cases, should you like to browse this month’s issue just click on the below link and you can look at a sample before you download. If any of the back issues listed here are of interest to you sign up and buy as many as you like. Once you have logged in you will see how to do this! Happy reading !


And don’t forget if you would like to contribute to the publication simply email Sandrahunter@smcs.co.uk and she will let you know what to do.

Global Forensic Science Today

Global Forensic Science Today Magazine

GFST magazine back copies contents list…

First edition contents
Beyond Cotton, Nylon and Polyester:
the emergence of new fibers and yarns
Sandra Koch

Determining the sequence of crossed lines by FT-IR-ATR-Microscopy
T.Gal, J. Sandor, A. Karoly

Trace Evidence Symposium
Sandra Koch

A Study in Relation to the effect of Processes
used in the Dyeing Industry on the Finished Article.
Ken Wiggins (retired) and Julie-Ann Cornelius

European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI)
Judy van Overveld

Forensic Science Education and the CSI Effect
Max M. Houck

Scientific Working Group for Materials Analysis,
Report for 2006
Maureen Bottrell

Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography
An Emerging Technique for the Forensic Analysis of Trace Evidence
Claude Roux, Christine Austin, Susan Bennett, Alison Beavis,
Michael Dawson, Philip Doble, Chris Lennard, James Robertson

Second Edition Contents
Glitter as a Source of Trace Evidence
by Susan Gross*1, Katherine Igowsky1 and Elizabeth Pangerl1
1 Forensic Scientist MN BCA Forensic Science Laboratory
1430 Maryland Ave E St. Paul MN 55126 USA

Forensic Microanalysis: Hardened
Concrete, Bricks and Engineered Wood
William M. Schneck. M.S.,A.B.C.
Microvision Northwest, Forensic Consulting, Inc.

William M Schneck Biography
Suicide or homicide? A case report
involving textile fibre investigations
Wolf Krauß, Nadja Simmerlein, Bita Shahi Barogh and Kurt Stritesky
Forensic Science Institute, Landeskriminalamt Baden-Württemberg,Taubenheimstr. 85, 70372 Stuttgart, Germany

Suicide, Accident or Murder?
This article has been written by Randolph Andahl a retired forensic scientist

Third Edition Contents
A review of the illegal trade and identification of
endangered species of Southeast Asian marine
turtles and tortoises.
by J.M.Williamson and M.D. Cole*
Department of Forensic Science and Chemistry, Anglia Ruskin University,
East Road, Cambridge, CB1 1PT, United Kingdom. * Corresponding author

Addressing activity level when interpreting
glass or trace evidence: What else?
by Tacha Hicks Champod, Lausanne, Switzerland

Thermally induced changes in textile colour
by K. DeWael1*and GVan Vaerenbergh2
1 Nationaal Instituut voor Criminalistiek en Criminologie, LaboratoriumVezel & Textiel
2 Nationaal Instituut voor Criminalistiek en Criminologie, Laboratorium Brand

Raman Microspectroscopy and its place in forensic
fibre examination - the identification of man-made
Cellulosic Fibres
Tiernan Coyle*, **John Fairchild, Caroline Feilden , David Revell
*corresponding author, Contact Traces,The Centre for Innovation and Enterprise,
Begbroke Science Park, Oxford, OX5 1PF UK
** LGC Forensics, F5 Culham Science Centre,Abingdon, OX14 3ED, UK.

The History of ENFHEX
(The European Network of Forensic Handwriting Experts)
Stephen Maxwell (Chairman ENFHEX), Forensic Science Northern Ireland,
151 Belfast Road, Carrickfergus, Belfast BT38 8PL, Northern Ireland.

Fourth edition contents
Tiny Blue Particles Link Suspect to Elderly Homicide Victim.
Dr Robin Gall, Browards Sheriff’s Office Crime Lab, 201 SE 6th Street, Ft Lauderdale, FL 33301, USA.

Investigation approaches based on textile labels
Dr. Steffen Dillinger - KT33 Textile traces
Recent Trends In The Forensic Examination Of Hairs
James Robertson1, Elizabeth Brooks1,Adine Boehme1, Kate Robertson1 and Denis McNevin2
1Forensic and Technical ,Australian Federal Police, Canberra, Australia.
2 National Centre of Forensic Sciences, University of Canberra, Canberra, Australia.

Forensic Applications of Scanning Electron Microscopy, a brief overview
Erwin Vermeij, Netherlands Forensic Institute,The Hague,The Netherlands.
Microfibre transfer experiments
K.DeWael*and F.Gason
National Institute for Criminalistics and Criminology, Fibres &Textiles Laboratory,
Vilvoordsesteenweg 100, 1120 Brussels, Belgium
*Correspondence to: K.DeWael,National Institute for Criminalistics and
Criminology,Vilvoordsesteenweg 100, 1120Brussels, Belgium. E-mail: kris.dewael@just.fgov.be

Fifth Edition contents
The Synergistic Nature of Trace Evidence and Tool Mark Examinations
Vincent J. Desiderio and GeorgeW. Chin

The forensic examination of plastic cable ties
by Katarina Burda,Tatiana Plusch and Robert Kozyrod,
Physical Evidence Laboratory, Institute of Clinical Pathology and Medical Research,
Division of Analytical Laboratories, Lidcombe, NSW,Australia.

Automotive Paint as Evidence in an Unusual
“Hit and Run” Case.
Stephan A. Schliebe
Los Angeles County Sheriff Department.Trace Evidence Section

After the Analysis: Establishing the Probative
Value of Trace Evidence
Peter D. Barnett, Criminalist
Forensic Science Associates, Richmond CA

Sixth Edition Contents

An Investigation Into Fiber Variation Across Garments
KenWiggins*, Eileen Davis**,Chad Schennum** and Peveline Drummond***
*Forensic Consultant, England
**Commonwealth ofVirginia Department of Forensic Science 700 N 5th Street, Richmond,Virginia 23219,USA.
***The Forensic Science Service Ltd. 109 Lambeth Road, London SE1 7LP, England.

A study of the effects of common insecticides
on the colonisation and decomposition
of carrion by invertebrates
Andrew Chick J.P. Cassella
Department of Forensic Science. Faculty of Science, Staffordshire University
Mellor Building, College Road, Staffordshire ST4 2DE
C.Terrell-Nield [1] [1] School of Science and Technology, NottinghamTrent University

Characterisation of Natural and Synthetic Melanins
L. Gautam, K. S. Scott,T. F. Emmett and M. D. Cole.
Department of Forensic Science and Chemistry,Anglia Ruskin University, East Road, Cambridge, CB1 1PT

Division of Letters into Elements
and Parts of Elements
Nijole Jonaitiene Forensic Science Centre of Lithuania

Seventh Edition contents
Evaluation and Validation of a Forensic Identification
Tagging System using Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled
Plasma Mass Spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS)
Steven H.Wise, B.S.,Yisenny Delgado, B.S.,Tatiana Trejos,M.S. and José R.Almirall, PhD*
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry International Forensic Research InstituteFlorida International
University Miami, FL *corresponding author: almirall@fiu.edu

Analysis of piperazines by high performance liquid
Cesarina Edmonds-Smith, Gemma Lawther and Michael Cole*
Department of Life Sciences, Anglia Ruskin University, East Road, Cambridge,
CB1 1PT, United Kingdom. * Corresponding author.

Who Was The Driver – Fibre Examination Of Car Seats
Jurij Majdič, Forensic Expert, Senior Criminal Police Inspector
Slovenia, Ministry of the Interior, Police, General Police Directorate, Forensic Science Centre

An evaluation of the BLUE CRIME-LITES™
for Semen detection
David Casey* & Claire Carroll•
*David Casey, Forensic Science Laboratory, Dept. of Justice, Equality and Law Reform,
Garda Headquarters, Phoenix Pk. Dublin 8, Ireland.
•Claire Carroll, ERU, FSNI, Seapark, 151 Belfast Road, Carrickfergus, Co.Antrim,
Northern Ireland, BT38 8PL.

Eighth Edition contents
Forensic Vomit and Food Identification
William M. Schneck,M.S.,A.B.C.
Washington State Patrol -Forensic Laboratory Services Bureau and Microvision Northwest-Forensic Consulting, Inc.

Fiber Persistence On Skin Under Open-air Conditions
Wolf Kraus and Ute Doderer
Forensic Science Institute, Landeskriminalamt Baden-Wurttemberg,Taubenheimstr.
85, 70372 Stuttgart, Germany

Forensic examination of evidence related to bank
robberies involving bank security red dye pack deployment.
Katarina Burda, Suzanna Djulamerovic,
Physical Evidence Laboratory, SydneyWest Area Health Service,
Division of Analytical Laboratories, Lidcombe, NSW, Australia.

Traffic Accident Investigation By Fibre-plastic
Fusion Mark Analysis
Klaus Berkefeld & Monika Sturm
Landeskriminalamt Rheinland-Pfalz (Rhineland-Palatinate State Office of Criminal Investigation, Dezemat 32
(Biologie) Valenciaplatz 1-7 55262 Mainz Germany

Ninth Edition contents
Buttons - Rarely seen pieces of evidence
Georg Jochem and Stefan Deck
Forensic Science Institute, Fibre section, Bundeskriminalamt, 65173Wiesbaden,Germany

Wool DyeingWith Plant Origin Dyes

New Method To Determine The Chronological Sequence
Of Writing Ink and Dry Toner Printing
Tamas Gal*, Judit Sandor,Agnes Karoly

Advantages of 1:1 Topographies in High Profile Cases
Ulrike Decke, LKA 34, LKA Hamburg, Germany


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