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Microscope Cameras
Clinical Sciences
Accurately cataloguing Histology slides requires pin-sharp microscopy and high resolution imaging, often at low magnification. Perfect colour reproduction is also crucial. Indigo offer a range of cameras, microscopes and LED light sources to optimise clarity and efficiency for every budget. In this section our microscope choice focuses on comfort featuring ergo options from Leica, Zeiss and Nikon.

For advice on Histology Microscopy equipment call 01462 633500 or click here to send us a message.

For this application:


Jenpotik ProgRes XTcore 5 - 5 megapixel CCD top selling Camera

Jenptik ProgRes CFscan  - 12 megapixel CCD high quality Microscope Camera


Zeiss Axio Lab.A1 - Upright Quality Microscope

Zeiss Stemi 2000 - Quailty Stereo Microscope

Leica DM2000 - Upright Microscope with built in illumination
Leica DM2500 - Upright Microscope 100w Illumination
Leica DMD108 - Pathology Digital Microscope System fully integrated for quality digitising


pE-100 LED Light Source