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microscope equipment for forensic sciences
Forensic Science Instrumentation
Indigo Forensic Science Instrumentation is offered in the uk and globally via our partner smcs limited.

Smcs are highly experienced specialists in Microscope-Spectroscopy  instrumentation for Forensic Fibers and paints. Smcs offers many systems for the microscopic measurement of color very accurately and easily.

The Fluorescence float glass fragment viewer is the only commercially available unit for viewing float surfaces on glass fragments; large approximately- 1cm and very small – down to microns.

A huge range of microscopes and microscope cameras for all forensic applications; these solutions offer high quality at sensible prices.

For advice on Industrial Microscopy equipment call 01462 633500 or click here to send us a message.

For this application we offer many products, these include:


Leica DM 2500 M
Zeiss Axio Scope


Colour Measuring Solutions