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Image Processing & Analysis Software
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iSolution software offers processing and analysis solutions with high end functionality at introduction level prices. It represents an easy to use, initiative, solution for microscopy image analysis

This software can be an upgrade to your existing camera and microscope or as a complete system

iSolution DT 
The most comprehensive image analysis application in the iSolution suite, iSolution DT combines an exceptionally user-friendly interface, easy integration and an incredible range of innovative image measurement and analysis tools, including auto calibration, stereo microscopic focus enhancement, auto edge detection and automatic stage control and image stitching.

i-Solution is a high-end imaging solution that offers all the standard image analysis tools, plus additional, ground-breaking features, like fluorescent image composition, and automatic count and size functions.

iSolution Lite 
iSolution Lite is a streamlined version of the i-Solution image analysis application and features the latest in acquisition, analysis and reporting functionality, including digital live measurement, image stitching, a time lapse capture tool for video, and quick, easy reporting of measurement data and statistics. Extended depth of focus and lots more….

There are a number of videos below that will demonstarte the features available:

Auto Thresholding and Measure

CastIron 2

DT Grain intercept measurement

Fluorescence Image Merging

Stereo focus enhancement