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CFscan 12 Megapixel Microscope Camera
CFscan 12 Megapixel Microscope Camera
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CFscan 12 Megapixel Microscope Camera CFscan 12 Megapixel Microscope Camera
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Scientific-grade quality microscope camera with high resolution.

Where smallest structures have to be reproduced in full detail, the microscope camera ProgRes® CFscan with 12.5 mega pixel capability provides excellent resolution for informative image documentation and image analysis. In addition, the Microscanning technology of ProgRes® CFscan allows capturing overview images and high-resolution detail images - with identical setting of the microscope‘s optics.
The all metal casing ensures the robustness of the German build.

Technical Data

Cooling: capsuled peltier element & fan
Correspondent Imaging Module: IM 1.4 C scan
Digitization: 14bit
Interface: FireWire
Operating System: Windows
Mac OS X
Pixel size: > 6 µm²
Resolution: > 12 MP
Sensor size: 2/3"
Sensor technology: CCD
Sensor type: Color

The camera ProgRes® CFscan is based on a sensitive 1.4 mega pixel CCD color sensor, which is enclosed by a nitrogen-flushed capsule. Peltier element, heat sink and fan cool the sensor.
Excellent electronics including analogue gain and 14 Bit digitization stand for best image quality in microscopy and macroscopy.

To computer and microscope the ProgRes® CFscan connects simply via IEEE1394a FireWire and C-Mount. The microscope camera is operated via the CapturePro software, which is included in delivery and available for MS Windows as well as Apple Macintosh operating systems


• High frame rates
• Perfect color reproduction
• Highest image resolution
• High sensitivity and low noise
• Excellent price-performance ratio