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The use of instrumentation operating in live casework
has become an important part in teaching forensics science.

SMCS instrumentation is used in casework in many laboratories and this type of instrumentation is offered to teaching establishments along with in depth training from us in all
aspects of its use.

The systems are designed to accurately reflect the type of operating procedures and output seen in operational
laboratories at a fraction of the cost of the full blown systems.
The teaching systems are however based on high precision instrumentation and installed and adjusted to ensure accurate results are obtained from every system.


  • For teaching forensic fibres measurement
  • The J&M MSP T400 is only available to teaching establishments
  • Wavelength ranges 380 to 740 
  • Transmitted Light Microscope - Darkfield reflected light option available
    for paints
  • Custom written professional acquisition and presentation software (Onyx)