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Infinity X 32 megapixel usb camera
Infinity X 32 megapixel usb camera
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Infinity X 32 megapixel usb camera Infinity X 32 megapixel usb camera Infinity X 32 megapixel usb camera
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The Infinity X-32TM is designed to satisfy the unique and varried demands of digital microscopy. It offers exceptional fast 
streaming video at an incredibly highresolution on the computer monitor as well as outstanding resolutions on still images. The impressive performance and revolutionary resolution of the Infinity X-32 is achieved by combining state-of-the-art sensor design with innovative engineering skills. The Infinity X-32 is a small and compact 
digital camera with a standard C-mount interface for flexible attachment to microscopes. Installation of the electronic connection is also very simple by connecting a single standard USB 2.0 cable between the camera and the PC. The Infi nity X-32 uses the USB 2.0 cable for power, control information and the transmission of data. The very low power consumption of the camera has made it possible only to use a single cable.The use of the 480 Mbits/s high-speed 
architecture of the USB 2.0 standard has allowed the Infinity X-32 to deliver fast streaming colour video in high-resolution on the monitor of the connected computer.

Colour filter: Red, Green, and Blue
 in Bayer pattern

Effective pixels: 1,616 x 1,216 pixels
 (2 million)

Pixel size: 4.4 x 4.4 microns

Exposure time: 0.01 milliseconds to 
 60 seconds

Exposure mode: Automatic, manual
 or converging
Colour balance: Automatic, manual or
 spot white balance
Shutter: Electronic global shutter

Digital still image
Single exposure: 1,600 x 1200 pixels
 (1.920 million pixels)
Multiple exposures: 3,200 x 2,400 pixel
 (7,680 million pixels)
24 bit RGB: 22.5 MB
 4,800 x 3,600 pixel
 (17,280 million pixels)
 24 bit RGB: 48 MB
 6,400 x 4,800pixel
 (30,720 million pixels)
 24 bit RGB: 96 MB

Data format & compression
Digital output: 24 bit uncompressed 
 (8 bits per colour)
 30 bit uncompressed 
 (10 bits per colour)
 24 bit loss-less 
 compressed JPEG2000
 (8 bits per colour)
 24 bit compressed 
 (8 bits per colour)
 24 bit uncompressed
 (8 bits per colour)
 24 bit uncompressed 
 video in AVI format 
 (8 bits per colour)
Computer & software
Data interface: 480 Mb/s high-speed 
 USB 2.0 architecture
Cable: Standard USB 2.0 cable 
 with series “B” connector
Power: Direct powered from 
 the USB 2.0 bus

Physical data
Optical mount: Standard C-mount
Mechanical mount: Tripod receptable for 
 macro photography