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The technique of combining microscopy and spectroscopy provides the user with a system that is fast and easy to operate. This technique in most applications replaces the traditional method of micro-spectro-photometry (microspectrophotometry). These systems enable colour analysis of micro samples at speed and also allow for the optical components to be combined with all common types of microscope. Optical devices such as light sources, monochromators for illumination, diode array detectors and photomultipliers can also be connected by fibre optics. The MSP series of microscope spectrometers live up to the highest standards of accuracy and flexibility.

Microscope spectrometers are used in a number of forensic science applications, such as colour analysis of textile fibres - the MSP 400/800. Forensic document analysis can include measurement of the colour of documents and the examination of ageing and bleaching effects.

Many of the current application areas include biochemical and medical research, mineralogy, the testing of foodstuffs