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The range of solutions offered by SMCS allows for measurement of white light via photometers and coloured light via Spectrophotometers. 

Most of our applications are associated with microscopy but all of our systems can be adapted to measure light colour and quantity at high speed in non microscopic applications.

Microspectrophometers (micro-spectro-photometers) are still available. These use a photometer to detect light. The colour separation for measurement purposes is achieved by a monochromator. This type of measurement system tends to be slowin its data acquisition due to mechanical moving parts and so the micro-spectrophotometer, with no moving parts to contend with, is a faster, sensitive and effective solution.

microscope photometer msp 200

In many applications, measurement of microscopic areas of colour may be useful and so can be combined with geometric image data to give further information - this may be fluorescence emission in biological applications, standard transmitted light applications, time dependent and/or ratio measurements, high speed colour measurements, (up to 1200 full uv/vis spectra in one second!) or reflected light information (perhaps polarized) in geological applications.


The ability to view a full spectra (200nm to 1000nm) in situations where the exact emission wavelengths are not known, are likely to change or if the user wishes to use many alternative filter sets, brings superb flexibility to a microscope fluorescence measurement system.


Modularity of the systems, high accuracy and speed of
measurement allow a huge diversity in applications and scope for development of new micro-measurement techniques.


fluorescence measurment