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A new flexible and highly user friendly software solution for MicroSpec in forensic fibres. Acquisition, presentation, data analysis as required and printing but most important are compliance modules for pass wording and tracking of data modifications and data basing of spectra with its text field, in an SQL format for full database compatibility across many platforms. 



ONYX will collect spectra from any J&M spectrometer or J&M vis micro-spectrometers system. Download this excellent

Amongst its functions are:

  • Simple operation suiting a multi user environment
  • Data basing SQL compatible
  • Fully integrated acquisition and presentation package
  • Compliance module that ensure data can not be modified as it is password protected and all changes fully tracked
  • Easy to use and fast Pass/fail calibration test of the system against your selected standards
  • Work offline with your data
  • Use camera and acquisition functions on the within the same package 
    Peak finding
  • Data presentation and spectra presentation screens
  • Spectra collected in Spectralys and other spectral acquisition software are presented, printed and reported in a highly user friendly and flexible fashion
  • Highly flexible printout and easy set-up
  • Copy and paste into Windows™ applications
  • Multiple normalising
  • Multiple on graph spectra displayed and printed as required
  • Flexible naming and titling conventions
  • Display profiles saved for multi-users
  • Position able data key
  • Creation of MS Word™ report templates
  • Fast buttons - for loading last stored spectra
  • Print preview 
    There are many more functions and custom additions are possible

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