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microscope photometer for Vitrinite reflectance measurement

Microscope measuring techniques: 
Transmission brightfield, transmission darkfield, polarisation, epi-reflection, epi-darkfield, epi-polarisation, fluorescence.

Measuring principle:
Photomultiplier spot measurement. On manual selected areas of interest the reflection light is detected and compared with reflection standards. Depending on the instruments configuration the size of the measuring field can de defined by fixed or variable diaphragms. Backward illumination enables the user to optimise the instruments adjustment. The electronic control offers a high dynamic range and takes the parasitic light automatically into consideration as well as the dark current.




  • Vitrinite reflectance
  • Fusinite reflectance
  • Characterisation of bituminous coal in Epifluorescence technique
  • Analysis of Kerogene in transmission and UV Fluorescence
  • Determination of percent shares in multi component detection
  • Valuation of amorphous material, Algae and part of plants in palaeontology observations
  • Determination of maceral group compositions from bituminous coal and anthracite 

The msp 200 is ideal for vitrinite reflectance applications in petroleum geochemistry. maceral measurement, organic geochemistry and many other photometry applications including biological sciences fluorescence applications and others.

Vitrinite reflectance measurement is a helpful tool in the steel industry for determination of coal quality. The msp is used in Petrographic analysis recognised internationally as important in the context of the genesis, metamorphism and usage of coal. Detecting fluorescence spectra by coupling a very sensitive spectrometer to the microscope gives excellent results. The msp 200 makes analysis very easy in every day routine procedures.

The TIDAS MSP 200 instrument has software developed especially for needs in petroleum geochemistry. Depending on the chosen configuration of the instrument you can achieve reflection and fluorescence or polarization analysis on various samples. The J&M MSP 200 is operates according to DIN/ISO in the data acquisition procedure as well as in the analysis mode. Final histograms display the results in quantitative columns and relative shares. These systems are used in steel production, petrographic or geochemical laboratories all over the world.